New Beginnings


Spring is one of my favorite seasons here in Colorado. The weather is unpredictable. Some days are there is snow, some days there is rain, and somedays are perfect (at least my idea of perfect). Perfect days are not too hot, maybe 75 max, with a little cloud cover. Those days are best spent outside,…

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Gloriana Dei | Birth Day


My birth was above and beyond what I imagined or expected. Words escape me when I think of it. As strange as it may sound, I would love to re-live it. Birth is beautiful. Glory’s birth was beautiful. The days leading up to Gloriana’s birth were difficult. Illness struck our household. We had been staying with…

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Baby Led Weaning | The Road to Solids


When Selah turned six months old, I was NOT ecstatic to start solids. Things were going well with nursing (unlike with Bella) and I wanted to continue to establish breastfeeding. Also, breastfeeding was so convenient that starting solids seemed a tad overwhelming to me. I remembered all the things that go along with feeding a…

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…continued from part one of the story: misplaced… What a strange dream. Had I really just dreamed about all of those photos I had taken that were now lost without much hope of being found? The photos of our first nursing session, the ones of Selah with her Grandma, the ones of Selah with her…

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Once in awhile, I misplace things…. Okay, okay, maybe more than once in awhile. Usually I don’t worry about it too much because I’m at home most the time and that is where most things I lose tend to turn up. Earlier this year, I misplaced my wedding ring for 2 weeks and it turned…

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