Once in awhile, I misplace things….

Okay, okay, maybe more than once in awhile.

Usually I don’t worry about it too much because I’m at home most the time and that is where most things I lose tend to turn up. Earlier this year, I misplaced my wedding ring for 2 weeks and it turned up under a rug in Isabella’s room. Go figure.

What is the most precious thing you have misplaced?


This summer in June, I lost a memory card to my camera. And not just any memory card but THE memory card. The one with all Selah’s birth photos on it. The one with all the pictures of my girls meeting each other for the first time. The one with all Selah’s one month photos on it. The one with almost all of my first memories and moments with Selah.

This summer, we were up in the mountains working with students near Winterpark. We were in a rental house there and I was 99% sure the memory card was somewhere at the house. I knew that it would turn up. After a week, I spoke with the Lord and asked Him fervently to reveal it to me. I asked others to pray with me. During my time in prayer, the Lord brought to mind how I had found my ring. He brought to mind how He has consistently come through for me and cares about my needs. So I waited and looked some more.

The end of the summer was like a deadline. Soon we would be leaving the house and leaving meant the end of the search for my memory. I had searched the house top to bottom, gone through every piece of trash, looked in every corner, under every surface, in bizarre places, in obvious places. I searched multiple times. In my heart, I was saying “Lord, is this the time you will not come through? Do you really care about my memory card? You know this is so important to me. Do you really care about me?”

It’s funny how quickly we forget? We are just like those wondering Israelites who spent 40 years in the desert constantly forgetting the Lord’s goodness and care.

The end of summer came…no memory card. I have cried more tears than I can count over that memory card. Most of my hope of finding it had dissipated . Periodically I have checked camerafound.com in hopes that someone may have found it. I said good-bye to my memory card and tried to be thankful that I had a few pictures from Selah’s birth post and also thankful for other’s who took pictures of Selah’s first days.

The Lord had something to teach me through this loss. Something he has taught me several times and yet, I still forget all too often. Thankfully, He gently reminds me…

Stay tuned for the conclusion to this story…


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