New Beginnings


Spring is one of my favorite seasons here in Colorado. The weather is unpredictable. Some days are there is snow, some days there is rain, and somedays are perfect (at least my idea of perfect). Perfect days are not too hot, maybe 75 max, with a little cloud cover. Those days are best spent outside, running around with littles.

Spring is the beginning. It is the beginning of something new. New life can be seen everywhere: the buds on the trees, the baby calves, green grass, and flowers begin to pop up. After winter, with it’s bare branches and hard ground, spring is a welcome fresh start. Not to mention, spring brings expectation of summer.

Down in my Heart is in a season of spring.

If you’ve noticed, things look different around here. I’ve renovated the blog. But not just on the outside.

See, my heart is ministry and discipleship. Ministry to my children and ministry to other women and mamas. I deeply desire to pour into others and walk this life side by side; that is the heart of discipleship. We need one another. As women and mamas, we are not meant to do this alone. And doing it alone is no fun anyway.

I deeply want this blog to reflect that. My desire for this blog is that it would serve you as a woman and a mother. My desire is that it would create community. My heart is that would be a place of encouragement, and nurturing, and equipping.

Would you join me for this journey? Will you be a part of creating this community and doing life on life with each other?

To catch more of my vision, visit the Down in my Heart about page.

To get to know me a little better, visit my about page and also stick around as I share more of my heart.

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